Palm-Free cocoa powder for long lasting cake and desserts decorations. The TOP has arrived!

Here is the launch of the new product: DOLCESOFT CACAO® TOP is a cocoa butter microencapsulated dusting cocoa that meets the needs of the most careful food industry. Dedicated to the companies that use fat encapsulated dusting products in order to make their products waterproof and resistant in time: from today they can offer a product that meets the needs of those looking for foods free from palm oil.

The reasons for this requirement may be different, but they all lead towards the search for health and respect for nature. Among these there could be intolerances, the high content of saturated fatty acids in tropical oils or the deforestation of the Tropical Rainforest, resulting in the loss of biodiversity. In either case, we all have the right to be informed and to choose what is best for us and how we want to live in this world.

Hence, therefore, why we collect the food industry’s different needs and guarantee, for those who want it, not just the absence of hydrogenated fats but also the absence of products derived from palm trees.

The cocoa powder used to start with is of an excellent quality and our microencapsulation technology completes the work in order to provide what is missing from the market. This, like many other products.

Call it waterproof, non-hygroscopic, microencapsulated, anti moist cocoa powder… but don’t just simply call it cocoa!

It’s true. We have spent a lot of time and resources on developing these products to achieve quality. Today we can give you the best we can offer. We’re proud of our work and want to emphasize the difference between regular cocoa powder and DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

Initially the raw material is cocoa powder which is then processed in industrial plants where the single grains are covered (or more correctly “microencapsulated”) with a barrier of fat and with specific ingredients that have been requested by the customer according to his needs: this is why they are special products.

DOLCESOFT CACAO® has been developed to solve the problems related to the shelf life of long-life cakes and desserts, such as industrial tiramisu for example.

Whether the product is fresh, frozen or at room temperature, if it is to be distributed, stored and displayed on the shelf or in the refrigerated counter for many months, it needs to have a resistant decoration that remains powdery until consumption.
Cakes, desserts, tiramisu, pastries for catering and events, where you want to keep the decoration intact and dusty until consumption, need a dusting not only with a simple cocoa but with special encapsulated powders, such as DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

Below is a list of our microencapsulated powders in the catalog.
All of these are encapsulated without hydrogenated fats and gluten, to which we add other features according to different needs.

Happy reading!

Powdered cocoa for long-life decoration formulas:


no hydrogenated fats and gluten-free
For use on 0°+4°and out of fridge products, refrigerated products, room temperature products, shelf stable products.

no hydrogenated fats, gluten-free, palm-free
For use on 0°+4°and out of fridge products, refrigerated products, room temperature products, shelf stable products.

no hydrogenated fats, gluten-free, palm-free
For use on frozen and deep-frozen products – guaranteed grip

Why doesn’t cocoa powder dissolves in liquid?

Because is not DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

We did in lab test and in order to stress the products to the maximum and bring them to the limit of resistance, we decided to use not a moist surface but a wet one.

So instead of the traditional mascarpone cream used for tiramisu, we used milk because it has a higher level of humidity and during the test we could show the result in less time compared to the normal dessert dusting which has a much longer shelf life and lower humidity.

The test lasted 50 minutes: already from the first minutes we could see what would happen if the food industry would use normal cocoa powder on tiramisu and desserts: cocoa would get wet, it would become dark and in a short time the product would alter its microbiology maybe developing molds.
If this happened during the shelf life, it would be a disaster. The consumer can not buy it!

For a long lasting tiramisu instead here is the secret. For fresh or frozen industrial desserts, the main ingredient in tiramisu is always DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

Do you want an original Italian tiramisu recipe? Use our special cocoa powder for long-lasting tiramisu. They’ll be tasty for up to 12 months!

Cocoa gets wet on your desserts? SOS DOLCESOFT CACAO!

The reasons why the food industry uses microencapsulated cocoa are very different between them. Let’s see what are the needs that the microencapsulated products can satisfy:

  • prevent visual deterioration and preserve the appearance: cocoa should not become wet and dark but it must remain with his original colour and stay dusty for the entire shelf life – until 12 months – remaining on the product surface as just dusted.
  • satisfy production requirements: the powder must meet both the needs of the industrial plant that the type of product on which it must adhere, so the cocoa should be sliding to be dosed easily but can not be too dusty and cause an air dispersion; also it must have a particular adhesion depending on the type of smooth surface, articulated, fresh or frozen.
  • respond to business requests: this ingredient must meet the demands of the formulation according to the type of certification or of products intended for particular types of power supply such as gluten free, palm free, organic, vegan etc.
  • maintain standards of hygiene and food safety: the product must avoid microbiological proliferation caused by a stagnant humidity on the product surface.
  • respect the time of the supply chain: the product must provide sealing guarantees for the whole of the national and foreign logistics duration, which significantly lengthens the stages of the distribution chain.

Here is why a product so seemingly ordinary such as cocoa when it comes to being microencapsulated becomes a strategic product that needs the utmost consideration and appropriate technology.

Yet it seemed simply cocoa …