Why doesn’t cocoa powder dissolves in liquid?


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Because we have used DOLCESOFT CACAO® - the waterproof and gluten-free cocoa powder for tiramisu and desserts. We have done a lab test to show you that cocoa powder is the most important ingredient for the industrial tiramisu.

Because is not DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

We did in lab test and in order to stress the products to the maximum and bring them to the limit of resistance, we decided to use not a moist surface but a wet one.

So instead of the traditional mascarpone cream used for tiramisu, we used milk because it has a higher level of humidity and during the test we could show the result in less time compared to the normal dessert dusting which has a much longer shelf life and lower humidity.

The test lasted 50 minutes: already from the first minutes we could see what would happen if the food industry would use normal cocoa powder on tiramisu and desserts: cocoa would get wet, it would become dark and in a short time the product would alter its microbiology maybe developing molds.
If this happened during the shelf life, it would be a disaster. The consumer can not buy it!

For a long lasting tiramisu instead here is the secret. For fresh or frozen industrial desserts, the main ingredient in tiramisu is always DOLCESOFT CACAO®.

Do you want an original Italian tiramisu recipe? Use our special cocoa powder for long-lasting tiramisu. They’ll be tasty for up to 12 months!