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Palm-Free cocoa powder for long lasting cake and desserts decorations. The TOP has arrived!


Here is the launch of the new product: DOLCESOFT CACAO® TOP is a cocoa butter microencapsulated dusting cocoa that meets the needs of the most careful food industry. Dedicated to the companies that use fat encapsulated dusting products in order to make their products waterproof and resistant in time: from today they can offer a […]

Call it waterproof, non-hygroscopic, microencapsulated, anti moist cocoa powder… but don’t just simply call it cocoa!


It’s true. We have spent a lot of time and resources on developing these products to achieve quality. Today we can give you the best we can offer. We’re proud of our work and want to emphasize the difference between regular cocoa powder and DOLCESOFT CACAO®. Initially the raw material is cocoa powder which is […]

Why doesn’t cocoa powder dissolves in liquid?


Because is not DOLCESOFT CACAO®. We did in lab test and in order to stress the products to the maximum and bring them to the limit of resistance, we decided to use not a moist surface but a wet one. So instead of the traditional mascarpone cream used for tiramisu, we used milk because it […]

Cocoa gets wet on your desserts? SOS DOLCESOFT CACAO!


The reasons why the food industry uses microencapsulated cocoa are very different between them. Let’s see what are the needs that the microencapsulated products can satisfy: prevent visual deterioration and preserve the appearance: cocoa should not become wet and dark but it must remain with his original colour and stay dusty for the entire shelf life […]